Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ipPulse 1.80 mentioned in the press

On May 16, TMCnet published an article about our recent release of ipPulse 1.80:

Thanks to Mini Swamy, a contributing editor for TMCnet.

Kevin Beaver Review of NetScanTools Pro v11

Kevin Beaver, the author of Hacking for Dummies , did a nice review of NetScanTools Pro v11 today. It's here on his blog:

Thanks Kevin! You can follow Kevin on twitter@kevinbeaver

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ipPulse 1.80 released May 10, 2011

Today I released ipPulse 1.80 in response to a customer request to add the ability to send alert emails through secure email servers. It can now do that. I've tested it with our own servers and also with Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail/Live servers. Those last three servers require security, so it was pretty necessary. There were also some other changes - here are the details:

-Added the ability to send notification emails through secure email servers using TLS. This allows you to send notifications through a number of services including Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail. Examples are in the help file.
-Updated the program icon.
-Renamed Setup to Settings. This is a more commonly understood term for the program settings.
-Added button to select a minimal set of columns in the Settings/Program Control/Edit Column Visibility window.
-Added logic to define a minimal set of columns in case all saved columns are invisible.
-Reformatted and revised help file.

If you have the unlocked version of ipPulse, please download and install over the top. Also, be sure to test sending an email before actually running ipPulse against a list of IPs. Turn on SMTP logging while you do the test so that you can see what's happening.

ipPulse 1.80 is here: