Thursday, September 5, 2013

NetScanTools August 2013 Newsletter

The NetScanTools newsletter was published last week and primarily it talks about the website overhaul of using Bootstrap. Bootstrap ( is an interesting set of CSS and JavaScript templates that allow your site to be viewed equally well in a desktop, mobile or tablet screen format without any changes to your site pages. Gerald Combs (Wireshark) told me about it - he converted to use it earlier this year.


NetScanTools Basic v2.30 Released

On September 4 we released a minor update to NetScanTools Basic, our freeware entry level NetScanTools product. It is now at v2.30.

This update adds a right click menu to all the results windows giving you a way to copy information to the clipboard, print the results or save them to a text file. It also adds an automatic check for a new release (you can turn this off) and updates the whois server database. Since the whois database uses SQLite, we also updated that to the latest version

How to get v2.30:
If you already have NetScanTools Basic, click on Help/Check for New Version and follow the directions in the embedded web page. Or you can go to and download it directly. Install over the top of any old versions.