Monday, June 2, 2014

How to start NetScanTools Pro USB version 11

We are changing our recommendations for starting NetScanTools Pro v11 USB version. These recommendations apply to Windows Vista, 7 and 8.x.

First recommendation:
Located in the root directory above /nstpro is a file called nstprolaunch.exe. We no longer recommend using it to start NetScanTools Pro - do not use it because the privileges you launch it with may not be correctly passed along to NetScanTools Pro.

There are two recommended ways to start NetScanTools Pro v11.x:

1. If you have WinPcap 4.1.3 (or newer) installed on your host computer, please locate and double click on nstpro.exe which is in the /nstpro directory on the USB drive.

2. If WinPcap 4.x is NOT installed on the host computer, please locate and right click on nstpro.exe, then select 'Run as administrator'. nstpro.exe is located in the /nstpro directory on the USB drive. This will use an older version 4.1.2 of WinPcap Pro located on the USB drive. We recommend going to and installing 4.1.3.

Discussion: if you use nstprolaunch.exe, you may see error messages that say "Error: unable to locate a supported network interface. WinPcap may not be operating... PacketGetAdapterNames: Incorrect function. (1)"

We are moving toward requiring installation of WinPcap 4.1.3 on hosts that you intend to use NetScanTools Pro USB Version just like Wireshark requires WinPcap to be installed.