Monday, May 28, 2012

More NetScanTools LE News

Not only is NetScanTools LE on sale through the end of May 2012, but we decided to make it an open download for anyone to try - you don't have to go through a form. Downloads are now anonymous. Although it's geared towards law enforcement, anyone can use it. It has 13 tools that have less technical terminology and fewer options than NetScanTools Pro, but it still has the ability to find information you are looking for. Give it a try - and the $49 sale is on right now (Sorry - Sale ENDED May 31, 2012).

Monday, May 21, 2012

Worked on NetScanTools Pro Tech Details page this weekend

Completely reorganized and reformatted the NetScanTools Pro Technical Details page. This page directs you to the individual tool descriptions. Have a look:

Don't forget to check out the IPv6 tab on the far right. It shows a list of network tools that can talk or do things with IPv6 addresses. IPv6 is coming, so don't get left behind.

Friday, May 18, 2012

NetScanTools LE on Sale

This sale ended May 31, 2012, but you can now try NetScanTools LE immediately - visit

NetScanTools LE, our version of NetScanTools designed with law enforcement in mind, is on sale now through the end of May 2012. Normally $129, it is on sale for $49.

What is NetScanTools LE? please visit for more information.

Use this coupon when ordering at the reseller link below. Enter 'May2012LE' without the quotes in the coupon field, then press Recalculate.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

IPv6 Network Neighbors in NetScanTools Pro 11.30

We introduced a new tool for IPv6 called Network Neighbors. This tool provides information similar to what the ARP Cache tool does for IPv4: a mapping of IPv6 addresses to physical addresses. Unlike the ARP Cache tool a physical address can be not only a MAC address, but it can also be an IPv4 address associated with a tunneling interface. You can see that in the image below.

Interesting things in this image are the global IPs that start with 2001: - one on those is the local address and the others are target addresses. Note also the large number of permanent multicast entries starting at the top with the ff02::c SSDP, ff02::16 All MLDv2-capable routers, ff02::1:2 All-dhcp-agents and finally the ff02::1:ffxx:xxxx solicited node address (RFC 4291).

You can see the lone fe80:: link local address attached to the only real physical network interface (NIC) in the computer. And you can even see the VMware player interfaces.

What you cannot see in the image is the interface alias, type and ifIndex (Scope ID).

This is new in NetScanTools Pro v11.30.

IPv6 Traceroute in NetScanTools Pro 11.30

NetScanTools Pro Traceroute can now do IPv6 traces. It can do native IPv6 (direct IPv6 connection) and tunneling traces such as through Teredo or 6to4. When you do a native IPv6 traceroute, you will potentially see every hop between you and the target. But with tunneling, it's different: you will see the tunneling server as the first hop even though it may be quite a few hops away. This is shown in the traceroute through a Teredo tunnel to shown below.

The hops you are seeing are from the teredo server itself is actually 8 hops from my computer. Since the Teredo server is tunneling IPv6 through UDP, I can trace to the server and find that it is 8 hops away - so in reality, to see all the hops from you to the target, you have to do two traces. But the important thing here is that IPv6 traceroute is now in NetScanTools Pro.

NetScanTools Pro version 11.30 released May 8, 2012

NetScanTools Pro v11.30 was released yesterday, May 8. There is a new tool designed for IPv6 called Network Neighbors. Several existing tools have changes to them: Traceroute now does IPv6 traces even through Teredo. Whois can now do Global IPv6 lookups and many new domain extension servers have been added to the database. Network Interfaces - Wireless now shows the MAC address (BSSID) of available access points even if you are not connected to them. And more - much more.

If you already have NetScanTools Pro v11, click on Help, then on Check for New Version and follow the instructions. If you want a demo, please visit to get a version of the demo based on a slightly older version of 11.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool Released

On April 15 we released Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool v1.99.9.5. This release makes an important change to the way VLANs are processed from qBridge Mib data. It will most likely affect the results seen from HP switches. It makes better use of the administratively assigned VLAN names.

Get it today at