Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool v2.30 released Feb 26, 2014

Release v2.30 makes major changes to the way Ping Sweep operates. It now allows you to specify an IP range or ranges to ping on a per switch basis. This means you can set the range of IPs to match those handled by the switch. You can also now specify the timeout and retries for the ping packets. Responding IPs are queried for their MAC address and the results are placed in our Combined ARP table for use during the mapping process.

There is also a terminology change: previous versions all referred to Switch Configurations which are the combination of a switch and the two optional devices to query for ARP information. Now that term has been changed to Switch Group in order to reduce confusion with Cisco switch configs.

There are several other changes and the SQLite DLL was updated to the latest version