Tuesday, December 24, 2013

TIP: Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool Update Check

The Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool has a method for checking for updates that simply grabs a small file from our website, then checks the running version against what the file indicates is the latest version. That works fine for interactive (manual) mode, but if you are using the software from the command line on a scheduled basis, it would be better if you turned off the version check.

How to turn the version check on or off:

  1. Start the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool and press the Global Settings button on the left panel. See the screenshot from v2.21 below.
  2. 'Uncheck' the box labeled Enable Internet Software Version Check.

If you do turn it off, you might consider signing up for our new version notification email by clicking on Help/New Release Notification Signup or manually checking for a new version once a month by clicking on Help/Check for Update. Otherwise you may be stuck with an old version for a long, long time.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool v2.21 released December 20, 2013

This is an important release - especially if you rely on the history database (history.db3) for anything. There was a problem writing multirow mac address, IP address, hostname and interface manufacturer cells (ports with several devices attached to them, like other switches) to the history database. This has been corrected along with several other minor changes. I also move to address an issue with SQLITE_BUSY message handling, so if you are on a slow computer with a slow hard drive, it should work better for you.

You can download this release from http://www.SwitchPortMapper.com/ or from NetScanTools.com. We've also recently added an FTP link for those of you with a strange problem downloading using older versions of Internet Explorer. FTP seems to work, while HTTP on old IE sometimes results in a corrupted zip file. I have no idea why that's happening because the problem shows up for those people no matter which site they download from. Strange.

This release has been fully tested on Windows 8.1, 7 and XP. Other operating systems newer than XP should work fine.

Here is the list of detailed changes:
-Corrected problem saving multirow cells (ports with 2 or more attached mac addresses) to the history database. This affects MAC Address, IP Address, Hostname and Interface Manufacturer columns.
-Changes to SQLite interface to better handle the rare occurrence of SQLITE_BUSY messages.
-Improved retrieval of serial number, model number and software versions from Netgear switches.
-Added analysis of used/unused Gigabit Ethernet (type 117) ports on a switch.
-Added new table to history database saving the dot1dBasePortIfIndex for future use.
-Added checkboxes to control the visibility of the auth and priv passwords in the SNMPv3 settings window.
-Added warning to SNMPv3 settings window regarding AuthPriv mode when the database is unprotected.
-Improved SNMPManager utility to better check versions of libeay32.dll.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.8.2
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.