Thursday, August 28, 2014

NetScanTools Pro v11.62 Released August 15, 2014

This release added the new IPv6 Syntax Validation tool (thanks go to Jeff Carrell for all his help!), consolidated the currently IPv6 capable tools into one menu bar link and addressed the way the top and left panel menus look on High-DPI displays (3200x1800).

It also added the ability to properly send packets to IPv4 multicast addresses when WinPcap is used to send the packets. Prior software versions did not use the correct destination mac address. And now you can also use new scripting commands to specify the source and destination mac addresses in Packet Generator.

One important fix was a change to the way responding ARP packets are processed in the ARP Scanner and Duplicate IP Scanner tools: it now only processes packets with IP addresses corresponding to the allowed range that you specified. Prior versions would show IPv4 addresses outside the range giving uncertain or hard to interpret results.

If you have an active maintenance plan, please click on Help/Check for New Version to download the full install or USB upgrade patch.

Switch Port Mapper Tip

Applies to all v1.x through 2.34:

If you use the menu item Settings and Tools/Column Order and Visibility Editor to add/remove columns or change where they appear, be sure to keep the Interface Index (ifIndex) column visible.

In other words, if you remove the ifIndex column some other columns may not show data you expect to see. The next release will not allow you to remove the ifIndex column.