Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool v2.63 released on Friday, March 18, 2016

The v2.63 release has one major change dealing with IEEE 802.3ad LAG (Link Aggregation) ports. If your switch reports these ports in the type column as ieee8023adLag(161) AND you have assigned other ports to be members of the LAG, it will show something like ieee8023adLag(161): fa1, fa2 where fa1 and fa2 are the ifNames of the ports comprising the LAG. Click on the image below.

Another change in the message you see when the switch or other device does not respond to SNMP. We had a user accidentally change his SNMP port from 161 to 10. If SNMP times out and the port is not 161, you are told that the most likely cause is the port being wrong.

Like all versions released since Jan 1, 2016, we are code signing the executables and the installer with both SHA1 signed certificates and SHA256 signing. The ensures that the authorship of the software will be recognized across all current versions of Windows.

Download the installed trial of Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool v2.63 for Windows from