Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool version 2 Released

On November 23, 2012, we published the first release of Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool version 2 after three years of work. Version 2 is a truly major release adding many new features that have been requested by our users for quite awhile.

Switch Lists - map a list of predefined switches and automatically save their results to the History Database.

History Database - all switch mappings are automatically saved here, both from manual or switch list mappings. The database is searchable. Review a mapping later by loading it back into the results grid.

SNMPv3 - supports USM style SNMPv3 requests.

Command Line - run the app from the command line using various options. Use Windows Task Scheduler to map a switch or switch list when you need it mapped.

New Columns - 16 new columns supporting RMON and Cisco packet related counters including overruns etc. These columns include things like CRC errors, framing errors, overrun errors, ignored errors, collision errors, fragmented packet counts, and oversize or undersize packet counts.

The most important new columns are LLDP (link layer discovery protocol) and CDP (Cisco discovery protocol). If the switch is configured to communicate with these protocols, you can see devices like other switches and routers directly connected to a switch port. Information like mac address, IP address and capabilities are showed along with the attached device's corresponding physical port.

Faster - supports SNMP v2c/v3 Bulk Transfer mode to reduce required SNMP bandwidth.

Import ARP tables from text files. Use this for networks where IP/MAC address pairings are known.

Updated User Interface - has the Windows 8/Office 2013 look and feel using skins. You can change the appearance of the program to other styles.   There have been a few fine tuning releases since the initial release of v2 and we think you will agree that this is the best switch port mapping application available.   Get it at