Friday, October 29, 2010

IPv6 Tools in NetScanTools Pro v11

NetScanTools Pro v11 will have the first real IPv6 tools that we have done ever in it. The ability to retrieve DNS AAAA records has always been there, but we've gone beyond that. Here are a sample of the completed tools.

DNS Tools - Basic now includes a Simple Query - IPv6 tool. This tool accepts a hostname like or a IPv6 Address like 2001:6b0:1:ea:202:a3ff:fecd:23a7 and attempts to retrieve the IPv6 address or hostname respectively.

DNS Tools - Advanced now includes an IP/Hostname to ASN tool that accepts either a hostname or an IPv4/IPv6 address and returns the ASN.

Ping - Enhanced now includes an ICMPv6 mode.

More IPv6 to come next week. Think about NetScanTools Pro v11 when you need some GUI IPv6 tools. NetScanTools Pro v11 will be released in November. We're getting closer!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NetScanTools LE Finalist in 2010 Innovation Awards

NetScanTools LE was named a Finalist in the software category for the 2010 Innovation Awards. Our thanks go to Cygnus Business Media's Law Enforcement Group for the honor.

Please read this news story on detailing the Awards.

About NetScanTools LE.
NetScanTools® LE (Law Enforcement) is an Internet Information collection software tool for Windows that gives you information and reports about an IP Address, Hostname, Domain Name, Email Address or URL (web address). It was designed especially for Law Enforcement.

Current NetScanTools LE version is 1.31.

Read more about NetScanTools LE and download a free 30 day trial.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

IPv6 and DNS Tools

NetScanTools Pro v11 Status as of today.

Working on IPv6 additions to NetScanTools Pro v11. We now have two new IPv6 capable DNS tools. I should have the other DNS tools I'm adding complete in the next day or so. Then I will add one or two more IPv6 tools soon after.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October Newsletter Published

Unlike last month's newsletter, this one is on time. There are quite a few new topics including a mention of that Cisco Small Business Switch review. Status updates on NetScanTools Pro v11 are in it too.

The October NetScanTools Newsletter can be read here:

New NetScanTools Pro v11 Screenshots Posted

Today I posted quite a few new screenshots of NetScanTools Pro v11. They are on Facebook:

Back to work...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Week Recap

It's been another busy week. Here is what was accomplished.

SNMP tools are all complete - new things in SNMP: SNMPv3, getnext, more bulk tools. SNMP has been split into basic tools and advanced or specialized tools. This was the last tool to be transferred from the old v10 interface to the new v11 interface.

Ping Scan (or Ping Sweep AKA NetScanner) has been 98% completed. This has several improvements such as columns that appear or disappear based on whether the scan option is active. The last 2% to complete has to do with automatic transfer of IP/MAC address pairs to the IP/MAC database - forgot this part until this evening.

Port Scan was rewritten completely for NetScanTools LE, so that is the basis of the Pro version port scanner. I still have to put the TCP stealth scanning modes into it. Those were being worked on today.

After those things are complete, it's time for folding in a few new tools. Then on to cleanup, documentation changes and release. It's getting close!


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Thursday, October 7, 2010

NetScanTools LE 1.31 Released October 7, 2010

Yes, we've been busy this week. Some of the same changes made to NetScanTools Pro were rolled into NetScanTools LE. They relate to the DNS issues. We also updated the whois and ip to country databases. If you already have NetScanTools LE, download the install file and install over the top of the older version.

Back to NetScanTools Pro version 11...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NetScanTools (TM) Pro 10.98 Published

On Monday, October 4, we released NetScanTools Pro 10.98 installed version. The USB version patch was released on Tuesday, October 5.

Here are the changes:

  • Ping will now allow up to 8192 consecutive pings to sent. Problems occurred in the previous version if you exceeded 256 pings as defined in Setup.
  • Certain DNS functions that use the secondary resolver (ex. Get Basic DNS Records) will now properly handle the truncated flag in the UDP response that indicates the query should be retried using TCP.
  • DNS Tools - Core: Fixed problem where if a very large response to a single record query was obtained, all the records would be displayed. Example would be a large PTR record response for a single IP address.
  • Updated SQLite to version 3.7.2.
  • Updated database files. Removed whois prefix files.
You can download the latest version (if your maintenance plan is active) by clicking on Help/check for new version.