Friday, October 29, 2010

IPv6 Tools in NetScanTools Pro v11

NetScanTools Pro v11 will have the first real IPv6 tools that we have done ever in it. The ability to retrieve DNS AAAA records has always been there, but we've gone beyond that. Here are a sample of the completed tools.

DNS Tools - Basic now includes a Simple Query - IPv6 tool. This tool accepts a hostname like or a IPv6 Address like 2001:6b0:1:ea:202:a3ff:fecd:23a7 and attempts to retrieve the IPv6 address or hostname respectively.

DNS Tools - Advanced now includes an IP/Hostname to ASN tool that accepts either a hostname or an IPv4/IPv6 address and returns the ASN.

Ping - Enhanced now includes an ICMPv6 mode.

More IPv6 to come next week. Think about NetScanTools Pro v11 when you need some GUI IPv6 tools. NetScanTools Pro v11 will be released in November. We're getting closer!

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