Friday, November 10, 2017

Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool v2.78 Released November 8, 2017

This release has one new function that has been requested by our users many times: the ability to export the results of a Switch List mapping to XML for easy opening in Microsoft Excel. Here is what it looks like when opened with Excel.

After mapping a Switch List, go to Review History, then select the Switch List and press Export Selected Switch List to XML.

While we are looking at Review History, another thing added in this release was searching of LLDP and CDP fields. See it below.

Those are two of the more important changes in v2.78. Here are all the changes. Download v2.78 from

-New XML export option for Switch Lists from Review History. When the XML export is opened in Microsoft Excel, each switch results appear as a separate sheet. Each row in a multi-row port (ports with more than one mac address) are shown as separate rows in the XML output. Export progress is now shown on the bottom status bar.
-Review History/Searching now has selections for searching LLDP and CDP for text strings. Searching now defaults to 'Contains' if no options are selected and the search results shown in the right hand list are a bit wider. Search results are now shown in descending order - newest at the top. 'RecNo' in the two lists have been changed to 'No.".
-Corrected reporting of Switch Operational State for Extreme Networks switches.
-Corrected and removed '00 00' showing in Interface Alias column for Force10 switches.
-Warning is now shown if 10SCAPE export does find LLDP data for the switches. Switches with no reported LLDP data are shown. Export progress is now shown on the bottom status bar.
-Added new right click menu option to clear both the results grid and the Switch Info left control panel window.
-Improved parsing of MAC and IP addresses from LLDP data.
-Added Interface Manufacturer derived from remote MAC address in LLDP.
-Moved four tables from spmap database to working database.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.21.0

-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.