Thursday, January 31, 2013

January NetScanTools Newsletter Ready

The January edition of the NetScanTools Newsletter is ready. Topics include version app release announcements and how to effectively use the Ping Sweep function of the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool on a large subnet.

Also a preview of what we are working on for NetScanTools Pro 11.5...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

End of January Sale

End of January sale. Use the coupon jan2013 to get 25% off NetScanTools Pro bundled with the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool or just the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool now through Sunday January 27, 2013:

NetScanTools Pro/Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool Bundle:

Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool only:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New SSL Certificate Scanner on video

NetScanTools Pro v11.40 now includes a new tool called the SSL Certificate Scanner. Use it to collect and verify the expiration status of SSL certificates on a list of https secure web servers. Here is a video overview of the tool.

How to save XML results files from Switch Lists

This question has come up frequently from people who are using Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool v2.x in Switch List mode (this mode means two or more switches are mapped in succession).

To make individual XML files for each switch as it goes, go to the Switch List Editor and make sure 'save switch results as xml files after each switch mapping' is checked. This setting is different for each separate switch list and should be on by default.

Next, change your command line to:
spmap.exe -maplist TheSwitchListName -postexit

This tells the app to map the named list and exit when complete.

Here is the part people have a problem with: The files will be saved to either My Documents or the last used directory you saved XML files to from the menu.

You can override the path manually by mapping any switch or reloading results from history, then right click and select Export XML. Save the results to the directory you want everything to go to. When you run the switch list, it will save in that last location.

The XML filenames will have the format:

Please be aware that the command line option  -xml D:\switch.xml only works for a single switch.

This will be documented more fully in a subsequent release. You can get the application at

Monday, January 7, 2013

NetScanTools Pro v11.40 Released

NetScanTools Pro v11.40 was released on December 28, 2012 and is ready for download now.

It adds a new tool called the SSL Certificate Scanner. This tool takes a list of https enabled websites as input and it retrieves the SSL certificate from each site's web server for your review. It will tell you if a certificate has expired. It also checks the server to see if it allows weak SSLv2 connections. It shows you the current connection bits too.

Many other changes were made to the program. Several user interface related things were done such as slightly increasing the height of all buttons. There is now a way to right click and remove a tool from the Favorites control bar.

IPv6: each release brings more IPv6 functionality and we added display of IPv6 TCP and UDP listening ports and connections to the Network Connection Endpoints tool. Just like with IPv4, it shows the IPv6 addresses and port numbers.

Port Scanner has been improved. It now displays a combined report showing all scanned port status when you are scanning multiple targets. There are also new right click menu options.

There will be a separate post detailing the SSL Certificate Scanner soon.

If you have an active maintenance plan, please download v11.40 today.