Friday, October 15, 2010

Week Recap

It's been another busy week. Here is what was accomplished.

SNMP tools are all complete - new things in SNMP: SNMPv3, getnext, more bulk tools. SNMP has been split into basic tools and advanced or specialized tools. This was the last tool to be transferred from the old v10 interface to the new v11 interface.

Ping Scan (or Ping Sweep AKA NetScanner) has been 98% completed. This has several improvements such as columns that appear or disappear based on whether the scan option is active. The last 2% to complete has to do with automatic transfer of IP/MAC address pairs to the IP/MAC database - forgot this part until this evening.

Port Scan was rewritten completely for NetScanTools LE, so that is the basis of the Pro version port scanner. I still have to put the TCP stealth scanning modes into it. Those were being worked on today.

After those things are complete, it's time for folding in a few new tools. Then on to cleanup, documentation changes and release. It's getting close!


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