Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NetScanTools Pro version 11.30 released May 8, 2012

NetScanTools Pro v11.30 was released yesterday, May 8. There is a new tool designed for IPv6 called Network Neighbors. Several existing tools have changes to them: Traceroute now does IPv6 traces even through Teredo. Whois can now do Global IPv6 lookups and many new domain extension servers have been added to the database. Network Interfaces - Wireless now shows the MAC address (BSSID) of available access points even if you are not connected to them. And more - much more.

If you already have NetScanTools Pro v11, click on Help, then on Check for New Version and follow the instructions. If you want a demo, please visit to get a version of the demo based on a slightly older version of 11.

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