Wednesday, May 9, 2012

IPv6 Network Neighbors in NetScanTools Pro 11.30

We introduced a new tool for IPv6 called Network Neighbors. This tool provides information similar to what the ARP Cache tool does for IPv4: a mapping of IPv6 addresses to physical addresses. Unlike the ARP Cache tool a physical address can be not only a MAC address, but it can also be an IPv4 address associated with a tunneling interface. You can see that in the image below.

Interesting things in this image are the global IPs that start with 2001: - one on those is the local address and the others are target addresses. Note also the large number of permanent multicast entries starting at the top with the ff02::c SSDP, ff02::16 All MLDv2-capable routers, ff02::1:2 All-dhcp-agents and finally the ff02::1:ffxx:xxxx solicited node address (RFC 4291).

You can see the lone fe80:: link local address attached to the only real physical network interface (NIC) in the computer. And you can even see the VMware player interfaces.

What you cannot see in the image is the interface alias, type and ifIndex (Scope ID).

This is new in NetScanTools Pro v11.30.

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