Wednesday, May 9, 2012

IPv6 Traceroute in NetScanTools Pro 11.30

NetScanTools Pro Traceroute can now do IPv6 traces. It can do native IPv6 (direct IPv6 connection) and tunneling traces such as through Teredo or 6to4. When you do a native IPv6 traceroute, you will potentially see every hop between you and the target. But with tunneling, it's different: you will see the tunneling server as the first hop even though it may be quite a few hops away. This is shown in the traceroute through a Teredo tunnel to shown below.

The hops you are seeing are from the teredo server itself is actually 8 hops from my computer. Since the Teredo server is tunneling IPv6 through UDP, I can trace to the server and find that it is 8 hops away - so in reality, to see all the hops from you to the target, you have to do two traces. But the important thing here is that IPv6 traceroute is now in NetScanTools Pro.

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