Monday, June 29, 2009

NetScanTools (TM) Pro 10.92 Published

This release added a powerful new feature to Ping - Enhanced: TCP Ping. TCP Ping uses either a SYN or ACK packet to 'ping' a target and it looks for a response back. If it gets a response, it shows the timing with submillisecond resolution. In this case the timing you are seeing is TCP Latency because you are seeing a TCP response to a TCP packet. Our TCP Ping gives you control over the TCP header. You can set the Distributed Services Code Point bits and the ECN bits to see what effect they have on packet delivery between two points. You can also set the Sequence, Window and Acknowledgement fields in the TCP header to whatever you want. AutoPing was renamed Continuous Ping and we also added Autosave mode so that all the ping results can be saved to a file. This file has tabbed delimited columns so that you can easily import the results into a spreadsheet. This is one of the most complete Ping tools on the market giving you instant access to all three modes of operation: ICMP, UDP and TCP Ping.

Other changes include the addition of the Distributed Services bits to Packet Generator, additional information added to whois IP address queries, improvements to Traceroute and TTCP. Graphical Ping can now send packets as large as 4095 bytes.

10.92 is available now and is ready for download by current registered users. USB version 10.92 will be available in the next day or two.

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