Monday, October 12, 2009

SNMP Snooping, Adding MIBs and other stuff

Those of you who perhaps use Wireshark on a regular basis are aware that SNMP traffic randomly occurs on your network, particularly from printers. On October 7 Laura Chappell posted a short article called "SNMP Snooping". In the article Laura talks about using NetScanTools Pro to have a look at the SNMP information available from a wireless HP printer. She talks about pulling out reams of statistics including Wireless SSIDs and WLAN signal strength. This is all done by simply 'Walking' the . OID. Even more interesting are the printer's listening ports - also something reported by the NetScanTools Pro SNMP Tool (he is how: set the IP and community name, select Advanced Queries, press Perform Action, then press Listening Ports Report).

Laura will be talking about SNMP and NetScanTools Pro during her Summit '09 Conference in December. The article is here (at least until Weds, Oct 14):

Laura also mentions that she had to add MIBs to the SNMP tool in order to understand the data from the printer. Without the printer MIBs translating the numbers to human readable information, the Walk results are just numbers or strings and don't really look too interesting. Today we added a new video explaining why you need to do this and how to add a MIB to NetScanTools Pro. This even works with the NetScanTools Pro Demo:

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