Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NetScanTools Pro 10.96.1 Published

Yes, this is a new release: 10.96.1.

It's only been a few days since 10.96 was released, but last week a customer came to us with an important suggestion that we had to implement. The new change is in the UDP section of Packet Generator. At the customer's suggestion we added the ability to override and change the length field in the UDP header. A byproduct of this change is that the text or file data you add to the UDP packet payload is sent in it's entirety (up to the limit of your network MTU) independent of what the IP header length or UDP header length values are. Try this out using Wireshark to look at the UDP packets - Wireshark points out the packet errors you create quite well - lots of red highlighting. There were also other changes to Packet Generator in 10.96 in case you missed them. I'll be writing about this in the blog later today - click on Welcome group, then on the Blog icon.

What does this mean? it means that you now can easily create malformed UDP packets (Laura Chappell loves these).

There is also another change to the automatic checking for a new software version that you can review in the help file under General Information/Revision History.

Because these changes interrupted our normal release sequence we never did release a USB version 10.96 patch. That version was skipped for the USB version so we will be getting the 10.96.1 USB patch out shortly.

To get this new version:
From within NetScanTools Pro, please click on the left panel Welcome or Online group and then click on the Check for New Version icon. Login to obtain the updates. This upgrade is only available to persons with active maintenance plans.

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