Friday, November 19, 2010

NetScanTools Pro 10.98.1 is Now Available

Yesterday we released the latest installed version of NetScanTools Pro 10.98.1 and today we released the USB version patch. Both are now ready for you to update to the latest version. That is if you have an active maintenance plan.

Changes in this new version relate to starting NetScanTools Pro on Windows 7 or Vista where the account is running under USER privileges instead of Administrative privileges. When you tried to start previous versions of NetScanTools Pro under USER privileges, you would see a message asking you to supply the administrator account password so you could proceed and run the program. Clearly not optimum, so we identified the issue and corrected it. NetScanTools Pro will now start on USER privileges accounts.

There are two small issues that you may run into: on both the installed and USB versions the TimeSync function will not allow you to change your computer clock. That's because user privs are not enough to do it. The other issue is a little more of a problem on the USB version. Because the portable version of WinPcap requires adminstrative privileges to operate, any NetScanTools Pro tools that depend on WinPcap cannot be used. This does leave you with quite a few tools, but it is clearly not a preferred situation.

How to get the latest version: Click on Help/Check for New Version and login. You must have an active maintenance plan. If your maintenance plan has expired, please see this web page for information on reactivating it:

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