Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Addressing Confusion

In my December 2010 newletter I talked about NetScanTools Pro 10.98.1 on Windows 7-64 bit. I talked about how the change to the manifest from 'require administrator' (which did not allow unescalated use on a User privileges account) to 'asInvoker' allowed User privileges accounts to run NetScanTools Pro without logging in as an administrator -- some business installations only allow user level privs for their employees. But the biproduct of that change was to disallow writing to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (HKLM) on Windows 7-64 and possibly Vista as well. For security reasons, UAC only allows read-only privileges in HKLM when you are not an administrator process. The process (ie. NetScanTools Pro) must have elevate privs to administrator for UAC to allow writing to that part of the registry.

NetScanTools Pro 10 only writes to one specific portion of HKLM and it only does that when you complete your registration (Validate and Save) or if you change your Maintenance Plan expiration date or Email Address using About/Edit Maintenance Plan. If you try that on Windows 7-64 with normal administrator or user privs, you get an error that it cannot write to the registry. It does not write to HKLM in the normal course of program operation, registry writes are done to HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU).

The next release 10.98.2 will address this by giving a much more descriptive message explaining that in order to complete the task, you have to exit and restart with 'run as administrator'. It will also have some other changes to address some things we recently learned about the SNMP toolset.

We are working on 10.98.2 and should have it done shortly.

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