Thursday, April 21, 2011

NetScanTools Pro 11.01 Released April 18

Yes, after only two weeks, out comes another release. During those two weeks work was being done on the USB version. And, of course, our customers did find a few things we needed to fix and those are done. This release addresses the problem of running the program on less than 32 bits per pixel color depth and some other problems with Automated Tools. So now both the installed version and USB version are done. The databases were updated too.

Please be sure to explore the new features like sending RAW ethernet packets. This is cool because you can craft and send anything you want - malformed packets or OK packets. SNMP also now supports version 3, there is a completely rewritten Connection Monitor, a Routing Table tool and more. Don't forget to use the 'Add to Favorites' checkbox on each manual tool. That way you won't be scrolling through tools looking for your favorites.


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