Monday, July 11, 2011

NetScanTools (r) Basic Edition 2.1 Released July 8, 2011

On Friday we released NetScanTools Basic 2.1 - our first update to this software since January 2010. This is our freeware version of NetScanTools. It has just a few helpful tools that introduce people to the NetScanTools Product line.

DNS Tools - simple query (ipv4 to hostname etc.), Who Am I (shows your IPv4 address, hostname and DNS servers), Test Default DNS (takes IP address or hostname and asks each default DNS server for translation).

Ping - uses standard ICMP ping to contact an IPv4 or hostname.

Graphical Ping - uses standard ICMP ping to contact an IPv4 or hostname and it graphs the response times over time.

Traceroute - uses ICMP packets to show the route between your computer and a target computer.

Ping Scanner - uses ICMP packets to ping every IPv4 address between a start and ending IPv4 address.

Whois - shows basic whois information for around 70 domain extensions and IPv4 addresses.

These tools are simplified in comparison to NetScanTools Pro which means you don't have all the options available and you only get one mode of operation - for example traceroute is ICMP only instead of ICMP, UDP, TCP etc.

Have a look and enjoy!

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