Thursday, September 15, 2011

Looking for a Packet Flooder?

Check out the video on youtube after you read this post.

We have noticed that many people looking at our Packet Generator got there because they were looking for a 'Traffic Generator' or a 'Packet Flooder' - but found that the Packet Generator is really not capable of filling an interface up to the bandwidth they want. They now have their wish. And it works with IPv4 or IPv6.

NetScanTools Pro v11.10 (not released yet) has a new tool called 'Packet Flooder'. It can generate UDP packets at a very fast rate using multithreading. The packet payload can be either random numbers or alphabetical 'abcdefg' etc. The payload length can be random or fixed. The target port can be random or fixed.

Another new thing you may notice is the bandwidth gauge and historical chart. You are going to see more of these in future versions. The gauge shows the real time bandwidth utilization and the historical chart shows it over time.


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