Thursday, January 19, 2012

NetScanTools Pro 11.20 Released January 19

NetScanTools Pro v11.20 was release today. It has one new tool and 2 revised tools.

The new tool is called Country to IP or ASN. Select a country from the list and find the IPv4, IPv6 or ASN records assigned or allocated to that country. This tool works from a local database that is updated with each release. It is a complementary tool to the IP to Country tool and there are now 'jump' buttons on each to switch between them. This tool is really useful if you maintain a firewall or an email server. If you prefer to block a whole country - this is where you get your information.

DHCP Server Discovery now has the ability to do DHCP Discovery on more than one network. You can now select the network interface to do the discovery on. This would apply to a laptop running both a wired and wireless connection.

Port Scanner now allows you to do a port scan on a list of IPv4 addresses. This was something that existed in v10 and earlier, but we did not have it ready for the release of version 11. It's back and better than before.

There are a few other minor fixes. This release was planned for December, but some users made suggestions that were necessary (like the DHCP changes) and here we are.

Look for the USB version patch release next week.


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