Tuesday, March 5, 2013

NetScanTools Pro 11.41 Released

The latest version of NetScanTools Pro was released on February 18, 2013. Version 11.41 is a minor version with many important fixes but no new tools. New tools are planned for v11.50.

We will be releasing v11.42 shortly to fix some issues with the Network Connections tool when used on a version of Windows without IPv6 and to better assist in debugging scripting in the Packet Generator.

v11.41 Changes:

-Registration Reminder Window: cleaned up and reduced visual clutter.

-Startup warning note added on the Welcome window if a default system DNS IPv4 address matches the IPv4 address of a default gateway.

-SSL Certificate Scanner: modified certificate signing bits column and added signature type column. If MD5 is seen, the signature type is shown in red.

-ARP Cache tool now properly shows the cache on Windows 8.

-Network Neighbors: Physical Address for Teredo now shows up properly on Windows 8.

-DNS Tools - Core: Simple Query - IPv6 will resolve and show IPv6 addresses for hostnames even if IPv6 is not properly configured in the operating system.

-Ping and Traceroute: hostnames will now resolve and show IPv6 addresses even if IPv6 is not properly configured in the operating system.

-IPv6/Show IPv6 Compatible Interfaces: results area redesigned and now shows multiple global IPv6 addresses. Instant searching on a column basis has been implemented. New right click menu with more export options.

-SMTP Server Tests: added results window so that the test results/log files are immediately shown after you send a test message or do a relay test.

-Updated SQLite to

-Updated database files.

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