Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NetScanTools Pro v11.60 Released April 10, 2014

NetScanTools Pro v11.60 (installed version) was released on April 10, 2014. It adds a new tool called Graphical Traceroute and significantly updates the SSL Certificate Scanner. It also marks the beginning of the changeover from compiling with VC2008 on Windows XP to VC2012 on Windows 8.1. We will still support XP at least through the end of 2014.

Graphical Traceroute (found under Manual Tools/Traceroute - Graphical) is similar to an old command line utility called MTR, but with some important differences: it was written from the ground up before I even knew about MTR to support both IPv4 and IPv6. It has a graph that shows hops vs. response time with minimum, maximum, average and last traces shown. There is also a list view showing more stats like dropped packets. Exporting to files is supported and you can print the graph too. To use it, simply put in a target and press Run. It will run until you stop it. You can control some packet parameters and how long to wait between doing traces. Here is what it looks like:

SSL Certificate Scanner was enhanced to add retrieval of the whole certificate chain up to and including the root certificate for each target - we also now show you whether the certificate is valid. You can now view those certificates and export the details to a text file. In this image we are showing the certificate chain for Google:

We also added over 180 new Whois domain servers for the many new top level domains the IANA has approved. Whois also now has a minor algorithm change to handle new TLDs too. This is an important addition that will eventually prove useful as people begin to register domains in those new TLDs.

These are the other changes:
-Added test for a security program known to block access to the clipboard preventing copying and pasting in NetScanTools Pro.
-Wording changes for the controls in Packet Capture.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

How to get v11.60:
If you have an active version 11 maintenance plan you can click on Help/Check for New Version to login and download the full install.

The USB version patch will be ready on or before April 18.

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