Monday, June 15, 2015

NetScanTools Pro v11.70 released on Friday, June 12, 2015

Version 11.70 was long overdue but we made many changes and added a new tool called the DNS Traffic Monitor. This new tool shows you the percentage of query allocations or loading experienced by each default DNS assigned to your system. It also shows you any outgoing DNS queries to DNS that are not in your default list.

This release completes the transition of moving all the code to VC2012. The next move will be to VC2015 when it is finally released. All development has now been transitioned to Windows 8.1. It may be one of the last releases to support Windows XP.

Additionally, each separately launched tool has been changed to conform to a new look and feel. The DNS Traffic Monitor is one example of the look - here are a couple others:

Passive Discovery

SNMP Scanner
The demo version will be updated to 11.70 soon. If you have an active maintenance plan you can get 11.70 by clicking on Help/Check for New Version.

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