Thursday, August 11, 2016

NetScanTools Pro v11.80 released Aug 4, 2016

NetScanTools Pro 11.80 was released on Aug 4, 2016. This version was completely compiled on Windows 10 and is dual code-signed with both SHA256 and SHA1.

We added a new IPv6 Route Tool that displays the routes and many other properties.

There are many changes and the most obvious change is in the way WinPcap compatible interfaces are shown and selected. Tools that use WinPcap now have a much more verbose description of the interface, not just the IPv4 address shown before. Previously, users would occasionally run into problems where the IPv4 address shown in the dropdown list was not able to be opened even though WinPcap says it was compatible with it. The way the interfaces are opened based on the selection was significantly changed internally so there should be less chance of problems.

The Real Time Blacklist Check tool was changed from a text based single threaded (one after the other) output to a grid based output with multithreading. In other words, in v11.80 many RBL servers are queried simultaneously for the presence of the mail server IPv4 address in their databases.

SNMP tools now support SNMPv3 without the enduser having to go obtain libeay32.dll. We have an Encryption Registration Number and the software is ECCN 5D992.c.

The SNMP Scanner and SNMP Dictionary Attack Tools were worked on extensively to fix problems that happened if you sorted a column with scanning (no longer allowed) and also problems with the XML Excel Schema. Side note - if you are using Excel, don't 'import' the XML file, simply 'open' it just like any other Excel file.

Here are the specific changes:
-Compiled on Windows 10.
-New Tool: IPv6 Routing Table.
-Significant change to the way WinPcap compatible interfaces are listed and chosen. Layout of some tools had to change to support longer selection box.Opening and using a WinPcap network interface no longer depends on matching the IPv4 address.
-We now test to verify that the official WinPcap service or the alternative npcap or Win10Pcap services are running.
-Realtime Black List Check tool completely rewritten with new user interface and it is now multithreaded for increased speed.
-SNMP Core and Advanced tools now have simplified SNMPv3 options. SNMP DLL now has libeay32.dll added and SNMP Library Manager was removed. ECCN 5D992.c
-SNMP Scanner, SNMP Dictionary Attack and Protected Storage Viewer have updated grid controls and are now prevented from sorting by clicking on the column header while the tool is working. Exporting with Microsoft Excel schema has been updated - simply 'open' the XML file from Excel (do not import it). SNMP v1+v2c setting is now properly saved.
-ARP based tools now confirm that the target IPv4 addresses are within the same subnet as the chosen WinPcap interface.
-ARP Scan now automatically sorts by the IP address column when complete.
-Whois changed so that if whois server does not respond, it times out and automatically stops.
-Assigned IPv6 Teredo server is shown in IPv6 Compatible Interfaces.
-Corrected privilege problems with writing to certain parts of the registry during registration process.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.13.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.
-Code signing now uses both SHA256 and SHA1 for maximum operating system portability.

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