Friday, February 9, 2018

NetScanTools Pro 11.84 Released Jan 25, 2018

The big news about release 11.84 is SMB Scanning. Back in May 2017 during Wannacry we had several people check out the Network Shares - SMB tool and ask if it scanned specific devices by IP address. It does not really do that since it uses only NetBIOS, so I set about to make a tool that does these things:
  1. connect to NetBIOS Name Service and grab the 'Windows computer name' and MAC address.
  2. connect to SMB port and test the SMB service for supported versions. Every supported version is shown.
  3. show latency.
  4. do this for a list of IPv4 addresses or hostnames. IPv6 will be added in a later version.

Here is an animated GIF showing the new SMB Scanner in action:

You can use the SMB Scanner Tool to see supported SMB versions and check for vulnerabilities based on those supported versions. It identifies SMB 1.0 support in red because we already know it is compromised. More about the SMB Scanner.

IPv6 improvements
Another important addition is the new multicast Ping button that helps you discover IPv6 neighbors in the Network Neighbors tool. What this button does is ping the link local multicast address and this forces neighbor discovery to happen. The results are then updated after 10 seconds showing all responding link local IPv6 neighbors.

How to get NetScanTools Pro 11.84
If you already have an active maintenance plan for NetScanTools Pro, click on Help/Check for New Version to login and download the full installer.

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