Sunday, December 14, 2008

the cold

I guess since we live in "Twilight territory" (Forks is west of us -- past Port Angeles -- we are all in Clallam County), I think with the current weather we can all qualify as "the cold ones". For the last two months we have been in a season of never ending Fall. The daytime highs never really were below 50F and the lows hardly touched freezing. Then all of a sudden, ouch! -- it got cold, 29F and dropping as I write this. To the credit of the weather forecasters, I will admit they DID predict this -- so I spent a good part of the last couple of days preparing for it: The cars were gassed up (we are down to the unheard of price of $1.79/gallon here finally after a few years of $2-$3-$4 prices), I got gas for the generator, checked and wrapped the faucets, moved the cows and put the heater in their water trough. All the little things. It all started on Friday as a simple windstorm -- we only lost the top half of one tree -- hurricane force wind gusts are common here on the North Olympic Peninsula -- something people don't realize. Then last night we got about 2-3 inches of dry snow. Now it's supposed to get cold (in the teens) -- the coldest we've seen since 1990. I know, midwesterners and east coasters think this is balmy...

Why say all of this? Well I intend to release 10.80 mid-week. But if the weather interferes (internet disruptions, power failures, more snow...), it may be delayed.

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