Thursday, December 18, 2008

New NetScanTools (TM) Pro Version 10.80

The newest release of NetScanTools Pro is finally done. This is the long form (or long-winded) explanation of some of the changes made in 10.80.

Several major changes have been made and they are mostly in the area of DNS Tools because that is where customer interest has been taking us. Current users take note -- the Name Server Lookup manual tool is GONE: but don't worry, it was reworked and renamed DNS Tools - Core. A few of the tools formerly on the Name Server Lookup tool were move to the new DNS Tools - Advanced tool, along with new tools. We have brought back the manual Zone Transfer tool where you specify the authoritative DNS to retrieve the zone from. New DNS Tools have been added including a DNS Version tool that retrieves the software version of the DNS, an Auth Serial Check used to compare the zone serial numbers of primary and secondary DNS, a new SPF/Domain Keys record retrieval tool and both DNS Tools groups have a new Batch Processing function. Batch Processing allows you to run the tools with a list of IPs, domain names or hostnames which is really handy if you have a group of queries to make. Autosave is included in both DNS Tools groups. There will be even more additions to the DNS Tools groups in future releases.

Speaking of Autosave, it has been added SNMP and to Traceroute. What is Autosave? It is a simple method of saving the results of all queries from a tool to a single user-defined text file. That way you can review all the data you have done in SNMP or Traceroute or the DNS Tools. Eventually we would like to put Autosave into every place it makes sense and SNMP and Traceroute were two that needed it the most right away.

SNMP has also had a minor facelift. The annoyingly short width OID entry field was made wider -- alot wider so that you can see what was entered before. The list of SNMP actions has been labeled too. The setup window has been improved.

Traceroute has the autosave function in setup and we also added a main tool quick select of the five kinds of traceroute (ICMP (MS), ICMP WinPcap, UDP variable port, UDP fixed port, and TCP). This means you don't have to go back into setup to change the traceroute mode.

Network Statistics also had a minor facelift mostly in the TCP/UDP connection endpoint list. More columns are visible. We split the Process:PID column into two and also split the IP/Port columns into two. A bit easier to read especially since it is now wider.

That's a few of the major changes, there are lots of other changes. The USB version will be done in a few days and the demo will be updated after Christmas to reflect 10.80 changes.

If you have an active Maintenance Plan, click on the Online left panel group, then click on Check for New Version, login and download the new version. Comments on the new version are appreciated and if you have any feature suggestions, let us know. If you don't have an active maintenance plan, go to our main page and look at the End of 2008 Special.

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