Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool v1.96 Released

Yes, this was done on Inauguration Day -- new government, so a new version -- why not?

The highlights of this release are:
1. SNMP settings are now individually retained and set for each device IP address.
2. XML spreadsheet export significantly enhanced so that when you import it into Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc, you see the same thing as you saw in the results grid.
3. XML import of previously saved results now works correctly.
4. User interface changes to the left control panel.
5. Internal database format changes necessary for version 2.0.

OK, so what about 2.0? can't tell you yet. Why? It will be out before summer.

Oh, and also in this release is the a cool thing to help out the first time user. When you first run the program the Help File opens up to the Getting Started section. This section has been significantly revised so that new users can understand what they need to do to use the program. It is and is not a simple program to use. Once you understand what is required by the program, it works well.

In case you are wondering what on earth I'm talking about...have you ever looked in a wiring closet and seen all the same color gray cables attached to a switch? Have you ever wondered how you are supposed to trace those cables back to computers in the next room? The Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool communicates with an SNMP managed switch to find out what devices are connected to its physical ports and map out those connections. The results are presented in an easy to understand spreadsheet format. Learn more about it here.

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