Friday, January 16, 2009

Next Switch Port Mapper Version almost ready

1.96 is almost ready. I've almost finished the documentation -- quite a few changes there especially in the new expanded "Getting Started" section.

The biggest thing about this version is the change from global setting of the SNMP parameters to individualized settings saved for each SNMP device. That way one can use SNMP v1 and another can use SNMP v2c or maybe even be on a non-standard port number -- whatever. Another significant change is in the look of the left side control panel. It's more organized now and hopefully easier to understand. The final significant change is in the XML export. It now conforms better to the XML standards Microsoft uses for Excel. After all the results are in a spreadsheet. The column widths are correct and the font is now supplied. It just plain looks better when you import it into Excel. If you don't have Excel, that's not a problem -- it also works with OpenOffice 3's Calc. It imports in just fine if you select the MS Excel 2003 XML import filter.

Look for it early next week. And one more thing, this is probably the last 1.x version. The internal and visible changes made in 1.96 were necessary to support the new cool things coming in 2.0...

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