Sunday, May 3, 2009

NetScanTools Pro 10.90 Released on May 2

This new release has a new cool tool: graphical ping. It works by pinging an IP or host on a periodica basis, then displaying the packet travel time vs the time on a graph. You can print the graph in color. The packet travel times are saved in a database for later analysis. There are two reports that can be shown in your web browser based on the packet info in the database. The database can be saved and reloaded later for further analysis.

The second major improvement is to NetScanner Ping Sweep tool. Previously the NetScanner tool was taking about 20-30 seconds to scan a 254 IP linear range of IPs on your local subnet. By making some changes, I was able to get this down to the low 6 second range. A speed improvement of about 4 times.

There are a number of other improvements that you will run into: ARP Scan now has a hostname column, Domain Keys now query on default._domainkey. etc., SMTP Email test now can request receipts and set priority at urgent, plus you can add a custom header item.

I'll get a page together and post a video soon about the new Graphical Ping tool.

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