Thursday, August 20, 2009

NetScanTools (TM) Pro 10.93 Published

The installed version and USB version of NetScanTools Pro 10.93 are both now available. If you have an active maintenance plan, you can upgrade today. Use Help/Check for New Version, then login.

The changes in this release range from the cosmetic (like adding our new registered trademark notation) to bug fixes to adding a minor new feature. The minor new feature was brought about by a customer suggestion and it was to provide the decimal representation of the input IP address on Subnet Calculator. Apparently our user sometimes hardcodes the IP address in a link and making it decimal makes it harder for bots to pick up the link.

Two of the bugs were seen during the August 12 webinar:

The first was when Laura was running a Continous Ping, then she pressed Stop and went into Setup. When she was talking about the various Ping options, the Continuous Ping started up again in the background results window. This was fixed.

The second thing I saw during the webinar was when Laura entered her favorite of the day hostname and it then went through and translated it to an IP address, then ran the IP address through the list of RBL servers. The problem was that the translated address was Actually what had happened was the host to IP didn't resolve because there was no A record for the hostname in DNS. Now if this happens, it stops and tells you that it couldn't resolve for an IP.

If you want the full list of changes, you can install 10.93, then click on the Welcome left panel control, then click on Welcome to NetScanTools Pro icon. This will show a completely revamped page including the list of changes since the last release (10.92). There are also a few helpful hints.

We will be doing additional testing on Windows 7 RTM soon to make sure everything works properly there. If you are on Windows 7 RTM and you see a problem, let us know the exact steps you are using to reproduce it -- remember, we can't fix what we can' duplicate here.

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