Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NetScanTools Webinar Recap

Well here I am a week later talking about the August 12 webinar. It was one of my busiest days ever. Laura did a great job -- even in the face of a couple of bugs that I saw and I'm sure she saw. Both were fixed in the 10.93 release. They were minor, but obvious to me.

Anyway, the webinar went well. We had about 25 people attend. I actually spoke using a mike which was kinda cool. Laura did 99% of the talking -- something she is far better than I at doing. She covered several parts of the program: the automated tools, ARP Scanning, ARP Ping, Graphical Ping, RBL checking, TCP Traceroute and TCP Ping. Even a bit of whois and quickly touching on DNS tools.

It's always interesting to watch someone else use a program you've designed because you see that they use it in a different way than you thought people should use it. That's why customer feedback and LISTENING to customer input is so important. Whenever a usability suggestion comes in, I try to add it to my 'to-do' list. Even if it's not practical - it may be someday.

I digress. Just as with Laura's Wireshark webinars, her presentation was polished and though there were few slides, the intent of the webinar was not to go through a slide presentation but rather to provide pointers that people may miss -- like right clicking in the results to see the popup list of other things you can do.

I took part in welcoming the group and I also spoke at the end about some plans for version 11 which I won't discuss here. We also touched on the Managed Switch Port Mapping tool ( -- Laura is interested in doing a webinar on it because not only do network admins have uses for it but it can also be used in the security arena.

Laura will be making an 'archived' version available to those who want to review the webinar. Sorry, but I don't think it will be free -- training is Laura's business so there will be a cost. I'll defer to Chappell Seminars on those points. Please visit for other webinars and the archived version of this one.

Great job Laura!

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