Friday, January 15, 2010

NetScanTools LE 1.10 Released 1-12-2010

We released NetScanTools Law Enforcement (LE) v1.00 on Jan 1 and we quickly heard from our friends at a government training center that they would really like to have a basic packet capture tool in it.

We had planned on putting in Packet Capture for the purpose of showing that the evidence in the reports could be substantiated and validated if required. The Packet Capture tool is currently independently run from the main program, so in order to validate your work, you would need to start it before you work on a task. That way you would collect the same packet information and save it. The Packet Capture trace file MUST be saved separately when you are done with your tasks, this is not automatic at the moment.

Packet Capture files are 100% Wireshark compatible, so if you need to show a chain of communication in the process of retrieving information from external network sources, you can do so using that free packet analysis tool. Our Packet Capture tool has a basic packet viewer so you can see the contents of the packets and search for something within a packet.

At some point the Packet Capture tool will be better integrated. Maybe in the next version.

You can read about NetScanTools LE and download a 30 day trial here:

NetScanTools LE v1.10 was released on Jan 14, 2010.

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