Friday, January 1, 2010

NetScanTools LE Released!

January 1, 2010

Northwest Performance Software, Inc. announces the release of NetScanTools LE 1.00. LE = Law Enforcement.

NetScanTools LE is an Internet Information Collection tool that gives you reports about an IP Address, Hostname, Domain Name, Email Address or URL (web address). This is NetScanTools designed especially for Law Enforcement. We asked our Law Enforcement NetScanTools Pro users what tools they really needed. We took their favorite tools, streamlined them into a new interface and made the program 'case' oriented. And 'case' oriented means that all your queries are documented, time stamped and saved automatically. Reports are direct and to the point. There are no distractions in the reports - you get the results you need, not fancy logos.

For more information and to request a 30 day trial, please visit:

Kirk Thomas

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