Friday, February 5, 2010

Multi-Domain Whois - what is it?

We introduced a new tool in NetScanTools Pro 10.95 called Multi-Domain Whois. It's actually something that we first put in NetScanTools LE 1.00 last month.

First, a little background: one of our longtime law enforcement customers asked for a tool that could take a base domain name like 'netscantools' and do a whois query on,,, etc. He knew that there were online tools for finding out if the domains were registered or not, but he wanted to know the details of each registration without having to manually do a whois query on each one.

Enter Multi-Domain Whois Query. As you can see in the image above you enter the base domain name like 'netscantools' or 'netscantools-le', then you select the extensions you want to query and press Do Multi-Domain Whois. In both NetScanTools Pro and NetScanTools LE it then queries each of those you selected by appending the domain name and querying the right whois server. The results are shown in the display in NetScanTools Pro and saved in the current Case Database in NetScanTools LE. In NetScanTools Pro 10.95, you can review the results by by scrolling the results window on the whois tool page (a query separator is added for clarity). In NetScanTools LE, you click on reports and select the reports you are interested in.

To summarize, Multi-Domain Whois gives you the ability to do a bulk whois query on a number of different common domain extensions using a single input base domain name.

As with all bulk whois queries, be careful how much you use this because whois servers often have query number limits on them. Some are as low as 10 queries per 24 hours - be careful.

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