Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NetScanTools LE 1.20 Released 3-15-2010

Release 1.20 adds essential hash signature functionality to a program designed for use by Law Enforcement. It now creates a companion MD5 hash signature file for exported text files and for exported packet capture ".cap" files. Hash signatures are now included in the database tables to help assure that the table data has not be changed. The purpose of these signatures is to help assure that data you save has not been altered later. You can use any MD5 hash signature utility to verify the original file signature against the saved hash signature file.

There are also some minor fixes in this release. Email Validate now correctly shows the full details of the validation process. DNS Tools now makes better use of the progress bar. We added Select All and Clear All buttons to the Automated Test selection list.

As usual, all the database files were updated and the SQLite DLL was updated to the latest version.

NetScanTools LE is available at http://www.netscantools.com/nst_le_main.html

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