Friday, July 5, 2013

June 2013 NetScanTools Newsletter Ready

This newsletter talks about the two Managed Switch Port Mapper releases that happened in June. The first release 2.10 addresses a problem with the size of the ARP table when you ping scan a subnet while on Windows 8, 7, Vista or 2012/2008. The second release 2.11 fixed a problem using SNMPv3 on Cisco switches. One part of the problem had to do with the Context field and the other part had to do with the required changes to running-config in order to map the switch.

I go into detail the changes to IOS based Cisco switches that are required to map them when communicating with SNMPv3.  Mapping a Cisco switch with SNMPv1 or SNMPv2c is pretty easy, running-config on requires the command snmp-server community public to allow mapping the switch with the community name of public. But SNMPv3 requires more than that, specifically contexts have to be supported and ideally prefix matching. The details will be posted in another blog post.

A third major new topic in the newsletter are the new training video series - a full hour of videos that cover using Managed Switch Port Mapper v2.x. Some new NetScanTools Pro videos were also added. Please visit this link for the training video playlist:

This link goes to the NetScanTools Channel on YouTube:

The final topic is a reminder about the release of NetScanTools Pro version 11.50 in May. The two new tools are the Duplicate IP Scanner and Firewall Rules Tool. A visible new addition to Ping, Ping Scan, ARP Ping and Traceroute are the new timing charts showing times. You can print or save the charts as images.

Look for a new release of NetScanTools Pro in July and another release of the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool too.

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