Monday, July 29, 2013

NetScanTools Pro v11.51 Released on July 18, 2013

This is the latest release and although it does not include any new tools, it does include new and improve charting (graphics) giving quick access to information about the results of many tools at a glance. For instance, this is the new summary chart for Port Scanner. It summarizes the responding TCP ports into Active Ports, Active Ports returning data, Ports Rejecting a TCP connection and No Response Timeout all in an easy to understand pie chart:

Another new feature is the addition of Trend Line Analysis to the Timing Charts. This shows either a linear trend line or an advance polynomial fitting to the data. You can see the formula too. And print and save to a bitmap. Here is a linear fit to the traceroute hop vs. response time chart:

And now a polynomial fit. You can chose from several trend line polynomial degree fittings.

New Features:

-ARP Scan, Ping Scanner and Port Scanner: New summary pie charts show an overview of the results. This is especially important in large data results (port scanner) situations where you may or may not quickly locate an open port in a long list of port results.

-ARP Ping, Ping - Enhanced, Ping Scanner, Traceroute: The 2 dimensional Timing Charts now have trend line analysis. There are linear line fitting plus a number of polynomial curve fitting options available. The line formula can be optionally shown. Each tool has a button to display the Timing Chart after you have used the tool.


-Packet Flooder: added total data bytes sent to status.

-Manual Tools Left Panel: Duplicate IP Scanner is now in the right alphabetic order.

-SNMP - Core and Advanced: SNMPv3 Context field is now correctly passed in the outgoing SNMPv3 packet. Bulk Repetitions now defaults to 32.

-ARP Cache: renamed Index column to I/F Index (interface index).

-Port Scanner: many internal changes to improve operation when scanning large port ranges. Changes to show rejected TCP connections and more clearly define Closed and Filtered UDP ports.

-Whois: added 16 new Top Level Domains (TLDs) to database.

-Updated SQLite to 3.7.17

-Updated database files.

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