Friday, October 11, 2013

Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool v2.13 released Oct 10, 2013

I debated as to whether this should be 2.13 or 2.2 because normally a .2 release would mean new features. This release has new features, but in the end I settled on 2.13 because most of the changes were fixes to the LLDP and CDP columns.

The new features are showing the Switch Alias that you have created for a switch when you view the Left Panel/Select Config or Switch Lists/Edit Switch Config. This makes it much easier to see which switch you are wanting to deal with as opposed to seeing only the switch IP address.

The LLDP changes were numerous. First of all, LLDP is not indexed by ifIndex, it's indexed by any of a number of ways. Usually by the interface name, description or alias. It now works much better and will provide LLDP info in the right cell for most indexing options. The other big issue for LLDP was the IP address. Previously we were using the MAC address which is almost always sent in LLDP to lookup the IP in the database. But that didn't always work. So now if the switch has extended LLDP info, we get the IP address of the attached device from the switch LLDP data. In fact, we show them both and indicate the source of the IP address. IPv4 and IPv6 are supported from the extended LLDP info. Another problem with the previous way we reported LLDP was that if the field had no information, it was simply left blank. Now, in keeping with the way Cisco does it from CLI (show lldp neighbors), we use the statement 'not advertised'. That way you know that the data was not available to us.

The statement 'not advertised' was also extended to CDP, which by the way is indexed by ifIndex. There was also a correction to the parsing of the device capabilities field from CDP. You should not see 'unknown' very often any longer.

There was one other change to the number of rows displayed. You may see more loopback rows or similar. And as usual, the MAC Address to Manufacturer database was updated.

Please visit to download the latest version 2.13.

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