Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NetScanTools Pro v11.52 Released Sept 24, 2013

NetScanTools Pro 11.52 was released last week and it has several improvements and updates the databases.

Packet Generator will now work better on Windows 8.x in that the operating system will no longer think it is 'not responding' while sending streams of packets. Earlier versions of Windows do not get confused like this, but apparently Windows 8 expects the message queue to be pumped more often. If the message queue is not cleared quickly enough Windows 8 grays out the software and calls it 'non-responding' which clearly was not the case with the Packet Generator.

Several things were done in Ping and Traceroute to give the user better feedback when the Windows Firewall settings are not allowing outgoing packets to be captured by WinPcap. Without knowing when the outgoing packets are sent, it's difficult to establish round-trip-time. A message will now appear explaining the problem and telling you to change the firewall settings or temporarily turn it off. The timing calculation shown in the analysis area below the results grid now shows sub-decimal timing calculations, ie. 123.456 ms instead of just 123 ms.

The Wireless Network Interface tool now has more concise explanations of what was found to better conform to industry standard terminology.

The USB version has a change that only affects the USB version: if the host has WinPcap 4.1.2 or 4.1.3 installed on it, the software uses the host's WinPcap instead of the WinPcap Pro that is on the USB. More about this in another blog post soon.

If you have an active maintenance plan, please start NetScanTools Pro, then click on Help/Check for New Version to access either the new v11.52 full install or USB upgrade patch.

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