Monday, January 6, 2014

Duplicate IP Address Scanning

Duplicate IP addresses sometimes occur on an IPv4 network subnet if a device is added that already has a static IP address assigned to it. Operating systems like Windows can detect this, but this detection normally happens when the OS is starting up. If a duplicate occurs, ARP reply packets return to a sender (who send ARP discovery) from two sources, both with the same IP but with different MAC addresses. We have a tool in NetScanTools Pro that can scan your whole subnet and look for duplicate IP responses. It will show the MAC address, Interface Manufacturer and Hostname of the duplicate devices.

Here is an example of what happens when a duplicate is found:

Demonstration Video:

This tool is quick and easy to use, you simply enter the IP address range, select the WinPcap compatible interface that is found in the IP address range and start it. If you have a large range like a 10.x.x.x, it may take a long time to complete and I would suggest breaking the range up into ranges where you know devices exist.

To learn more about the Duplicate IP Address Scanner tool and to download a demo with this tool fully active, please visit this page

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