Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to send SNMP Traps from a Netgear GS724T switch

Getting your Netgear GS724T switch to send SNMP Traps requires several steps beyond the obvious enabling of traps and defining where the traps are being sent to. Here are the steps. This procedure works with Software Version or .10.

Use your web browser to connect to the switch. Enter the password to login. The default password is password

1. Make sure you turn off the Port Authentication settings you may have enabled.

1a. Security\Port Authentication\Advanced\802.1X Configuration: "Disable" all options, then click apply (lower right corner of window).

1b. Security\Port Authentication\Advanced\Port Authentication: Select all ports and set Port Control = "Auto", then click apply.

2. Security\Traffic Control\Port Security\Port Security Configuration: Click Enable, then click apply.

3. Security\Traffic Control\Port Security\Interface Configuration

a. Select all ports
b. Port Security = "Enabled"
c. Max Allowed Dynamically Learned MAC = "600"
d. Max Allowed Statically Locked MAC = "20"
e. Enable Violation Traps = "Yes"
f. Click Apply

4. Enable Trap Flags. System\SNMP\ SNMPv1/v2\Trap Flags: select the trap types you want to be sent, then click apply.

5. Select the trap destination IP addresses. System\SNMP\ SNMPv1/v2\Trap Configuration: Enter the receiver's IP address, version of SNMP, community string and enable, then click Add, then Apply in the lower right corner.

6. Your switch should now be sending traps. You do not have to reboot it.

You can test whether the traps are being sent or not by using Wireshark on the receiving machine and look for SNMP trap packets (use the filters). Disconnect and reconnect an active device on the switch to force it to send link up/down and mac address change traps. You can also review the trap log by going to Monitoring\Logs\Trap Logs:

This was not an intuitive procedure, I will not take credit for it - the procedure came from their Tech Support - but it does work - have fun with it!

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