Thursday, June 7, 2012

Added Support for Cisco Nexus Switches

Cisco Nexus Switches are usually used in Data Centers and we have had a few people tell us that the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool did not work properly. It appeared to talk with the switch OK, but did not give any MAC addresses or IP addresses even though most of the other columns were filled. And even more of a problem was that the program hung up while processing Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) information. Two big problems - both easily solved.

Since I didn't have a Nexus 5010 sitting around and I went into sticker shock when I looked at them on Ebay, I went to Facebook and Twitter to see if anyone had one - fortunately one of my customers (S. M.) did. I found out rapidly that NX-OS != IOS, so I had to find a section of NX mibs that gave me what was missing. I did and sent a couple test versions. The Nexus mapped just fine and gave us the MAC addresses - as long as STP was off.

Fixing STP was a bit harder, but I found a place in the processing of the STP data where information is retrieved from the SQL tables in a while loop. I saw the problem that caused it to never break out of the while loop and sent a test - problem solved. This was the second time I had worked this issue. I also made STP not an active column by default, but you can still put it in there using the Setting and Tools/Column Order and Visibility Editor. If you already have it visible, nothing changes.

Since I was working this minor release, I decided to look carefully at the error messaging and improved the text that the user sees - particularly on the very first SNMP query - if that one fails, you have configuration or settings problems that must be fixed - it's what you entered in Settings or your switch is misconfigured for SNMP.

All these changes are now in v1.99.9.6 released on June 6, 2012. Please visit to get this latest version.

Have a good day! - Kirk

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