Thursday, June 28, 2012

Even Better Cisco Nexus Switch Support

I put out Managed Switch Port Mapper (don't you love the numbering) yesterday with two changes in it. The biggest change affects Cisco® Nexus switches - most of this latest work was based on reporting by Nexus 5K owners, particularly a user with a 5596 running 5.0(3)N1(1c). I found out some important things about NX-OS bridge mib reporting that I won't share here to keep SolarWinds® in the dark. I accounted for the strangeness and now it maps Nexus well. I also found out another interesting thing about those switches and now all the MAC addresses should show up - more than in the last version - don't forget you can change the maximum per port MAC reporting limit in Global Settings - you may hit the default limit. That change has the potential to affect MAC reporting on IOS switches too, but I could not see a change in the Cisco switches I have in-house.

A minor fix was made to the processing of qBridge MIB data (affects pretty much everybody else including Cisco Small Business switches) to eliminate a potential infinite loop. We had no user reports of it happening, but now it will never happen.

This release has the usual MAC to Manufacturer database updates and the latest SQLite. Get it at and if you need a trial period reset code, contact us from there or from


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